Histoire et Cultures de l’Antiquité et du Moyen Âge

A 1132 – HISCANT-MA is an interdisciplinary team, which, since its creation in 1992, has been able to bring together and regroup archaeologists, epigraphists, historians, art and law historians, linguists, literary experts and philologists of Antiquity and the Middle Ages (GESME) within the University of Lorraine. The activities of the research group cover four highly specialised and transversal areas. Researchers and lecturers interested in these themes from other institutions are most welcome to join us.

Our research group has been supported by several structures: the Édouard Will Centre (research library on Antiquity, 35 000 volumes), the Institute of Palaeography and Diplomacy (research library specialising in the sources of medieval history, 4000 volumes), the University Archaeological Centre (1,000 volumes).

Finally, it should be noted that the University of Lorraine is unique among higher education institutions in France, as it has a museum, installed in a room especially designed for this purpose from the outset, managed by the Department of Archaeology and History of Art (part of our team). This museum has a collection of about 300 antique vases and terracotta exhibits (from the Louvre Museum, the Perdrizet Collection, etc.). This museum reminds us, by its presence in the heart of the Humanities Campus that the teaching of classical archaeology at our University has had a long tradition: an Institute of Archaeology was created here in 1878, and then in 1909 it was transformed into a Department of Classical Archaeology (Paul Perdrizet was the first head of department).

To promote research, EA 1132 – HISCANT-MA has several publishing tools at its disposal: the A.D.R.A. (Association for the Dissemination of Research on Antiquity: two collections distributed by De Boccard), the Société Albert Grenier (National Antiquity: two collections distributed by De Boccard), the PUN – Éditions Universitaires de Lorraine (Archaeology, Spaces and Heritage collection).

We are also proud of our international relations: our members have participated in numerous missions abroad (Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, “Middle East”) and there are regular exchange programmes in particular with the universities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Nicosia.